Frequently asked questions

Listed below are the concerns often expressed when selecting an agency. Feel free to submit your own by email.

I am an artist/ performer / band / acrobat / clown / monkey and really good at it. How do I send you my material?

TGG does not accept unsolicited material, not even if you call and ask us. If you are making noise in your city, we will hear about you.

Does your agency do more than just book music artists?

Yes, we are a full service entertainment agency and will assist you with artistic production, strategic publicity, ticketing, contracts, marketing as well as other services. See the Service section for more information.

When booking talent, when do you recommend we start pursuing talent for our event?

We recommend that you begin the process 6-8 months prior to your event. We certainly can secure talent in less time; however, with more time you will have more options.

Can I have someone from The Gesture Group at my event on the day of the show?

Yes, some clients prefer to have a “Service Representative” from our office on site to help with Artist settlement, meet and greet, and to oversee logistics.

What does the artist fee include?

The artist appearance fee is for the artist only. Extra costs typically are sound, lights, staging, hospitality, marketing, and booking fees. If you want to do a travel buy-out included in the artist fee we can make those arrangements.

How much does it cost to book an artist?

I wish it were as easy as getting quotes for car insurance. Artist fees will vary based on the type of event: wedding or corporate (private), concerts (public): size of the venue, how many tickets are being sold, if you want the artist to perform with their band or without.

Can you help us with marketing and promotion?

Yes we can, marketing and advertising is crucial to the success of your event. We have dedicated personnel to provide expertise and support for online marketing and promotion.

The contracts are pretty complicated; do we have to hire an attorney?

No, we provide, at no cost to our clients, comprehensive administration support to help with your contracts.

More Questions? 

If you have any other questions that we have not answered please contact us at Info@TheGestureGroup.com

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